Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thoughts From A Jawbreaker

Wanna know a little fun fact about this slacker blogger? I broke my jaw 3 years ago. Very run-of-the-mill injury? Amirght? Nothing interesting here. Move along.

Yeah, that’s my mouth. Wired shut. TIGHT. And that’s my very own iced-out grillz. You like?

OK. So I added the “SS” mouth jewelry for this little story, but I was feeling quite bling-bling, hip-hop and all back in the day. Word.

Oh, the posts I could write on the unusual things that go along with having your teeth semi-permanently laced together with razor-sharp metal bars and titanium twine. Not titanium? Whatever. Nevertheless, when the maxillofacial oral surgeon says you are going to be “wired shut,” your teeth will be on LOCK DOWN. Trust me!

So I’ll pass for now on the story of when they unleashed me for the first time to have a looksie at the state of my still fractured chomper. I was positive at that moment, positive, that my jaw was going to fall off my face. Luckily, I caught it and held it gingerly in place before it plopped down onto the floor. Whew.

I also will not tell you about diligently trying to insert a pipe cleaner in spaces between my teeth (I have none) so I could do a pseudo brushing. Not at all embarrassed to say how many hours were spent on this fruitless task.

Never did I wish for a “trap-door tooth” in all that time. Had I one, however, I could sneak in a toothbrush and use it on the INSIDE of my mouth. I could also pass through some real food that would not and could not be sucked through my teeth. Lived on liquids and air. Even airflow seemed to stop and bounce off my shiny grillz. A little air here please. But again I say, never did I wish for wish for a “trap-door tooth,” people. Never. That’s just silly.

Also will be bypassing this gem – being hit on and the guy questioning me, “Why would you do that to yourself? You are already so thin?” Yes, schmoozy & brilliant man, this was an ELECTIVE surgery?!?

TODAY marks the third anniversary of the day that I was freed from the wires that binded me for nearly 11 weeks. Free at last! Free at last!  

Breaking my jaw reminded me of and confirmed a few things that I truly believe and these items I AM going to share with you here: 

1)         A kind or supportive word makes a difference. There is always a ripple effect. Pay it forward.

2)         Don’t underestimate the magnitude of a small thoughtful gift. A lone milkshake, a box of plastic spoons, a bag of straws, or some fancy-dancy toothpick flossers can mean the world to someone!

3)         It really is the small things in life! It’s amazing how an unrestrained yawn, an unbounded sneeze, freshly brushed teeth, or simply licking your lips can bring you joy! Don’t take the little things for granted.

4)         Laughter is good for the soul… a merry heart is a happy heart! Laugh even through clenched teeth if you must. It truly is the best medicine.

5)         Having not much choice but to smile, as it was somewhat of a permanent fixture on my face, smiling can change your mood and is contagious. Smile often & smile big! It might not be quite as large and shiny as mine used to be… but it will make someone’s day… and probably yours, as well.

I was thankful for all the large and small gestures I received. Overwhelmed really.

I’m reliving that gratitude today and am wishing all of you days filled with kind words, small wonders, countless laughs, and happy smiling faces!  

I also wish you days free from clumsy mishaps. One can really hurt themselves.
Be careful out there!

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