Saturday, August 30, 2014

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much and Donate Life

I have always supported the idea of organ donation. 

I’m registered. 

It’s on my driver’s license. 

I have a green “DONATE LIFE” wristband and a pin somewhere. 

The thought that one day, when I’m oh so geriatric and have squeezed out every ounce of life I could possibly manage, one of my organs could potentially give someone a second chance at life is pretty miraculous and humbling. Sign me up.

The whole organ donation thing hit close to home and became even more of a phenomenon when I learned that my niece, Nicole, was to become a LIVING donor. LIVING. She is donating a kidney to her father on September 16th.

Gamut of emotions. Pride. Fear. Hope.

I became Nicole’s aunt when I was a senior in high school. I went on to Cleveland State after graduation. Often I dragged a toddler Nicole along with me. Willingly or not, she went to the book store with me. She went to the library with me. She looked adorable sporting the miniature Vikings sweatshirt I bought her with her famous teeny tiny high and tight pigtails. She was right there with me when I studied. And I do mean RIGHT. THERE. WITH. ME. Like, literally, hanging onto my leg. I wanted to be aggravated, but then she’d start humming or singing or acting cute and I just couldn’t. Damn her.

I’m quite proud or embarrassed to say, not sure which, perhaps both, that I probably inadvertently taught the girl her very first swear word.

She was my little side kick.

I gave myself all kinds of kudos and accolades back in the day that I was a good aunt.

Even given all of that, Nicole was eating some ice cream once. I mean digging into it and loving it. I said, “Boy Nicole that looks really good, can I have a bite?” Without missing a beat or even so much as lifting her head from that bowl, she stated clearly and without hesitation, “GET. YOUR. OWN.”

She has come a long way from those youthful bouts of stinginess. She HAS  learned to share. She has. Soooo much so… that she is now going to share her spare. She is going to donate a kidney. Whoa. That’s a way bigger deal than just letting me have a spoonful of a dairy treat.

With all that said and still pretty high up there, for me anyways, I truly believe with all my heart, that if I asked her nicely today, she would give me some of her ice cream.

Sharing is caring! You are a hero Nicole. We love you!

Please consider being an organ and tissue donor and giving the gift of hope.   

Monday, June 30, 2014

Give a Penny, Take a Penny

The glass is half full.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Happiness is a choice.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

While I very much pride myself on being a positive person I came to the sad realization that my “positivity bank account” has slowly been depleting. My cup that I am almost always touting as overflowing was being spilled and I wasn’t refilling it fast enough.

Deposits? Fewer going in. Withdrawals? Ample and frequent as of late.

“Things” happen and happened and my cup fell below the half way marker.

People have made emotional withdrawals from my personal account yet did not make any deposits in return.

While still counting and appreciating all the blessings I do have, the cumulative effect of the withdrawals were starting to take its toll. Little Miss Sunshine? Eh. Not so much. Perhaps Little Miss Partly Cloudy. Only a recent and short bout of cloudiness, but, nonetheless, I prefer the sun.

I had an old bank account that I never closed. The balance? One cent. Literally. One cent. I closed that account today and I was handed the newest, shiniest, brightest penny I have ever seen. My mood, which was really not all that bad to begin with, immediately changed. I was filled with optimism, hope, thoughts of new beginnings.

One single cent deposit replenished my bank account. One solitary penny. I’m rich.

Avoid overdrafts. Take advantage of opportunities to make deposits, large and small, into to your accounts and every person that is important to you. Do not take out more than you put in. Always top it off.

Negative comments and treatment can suck the life out of even the healthiest of bank accounts.

So I’m sharing my penny. There’s plenty to go around. Give a penny, take a penny. Right? 

Actually, give a few pennies before you take a single one. You’ll never be sorry. 

May your bank accounts runneth over. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thoughts From A Jawbreaker

Wanna know a little fun fact about this slacker blogger? I broke my jaw 3 years ago. Very run-of-the-mill injury? Amirght? Nothing interesting here. Move along.

Yeah, that’s my mouth. Wired shut. TIGHT. And that’s my very own iced-out grillz. You like?

OK. So I added the “SS” mouth jewelry for this little story, but I was feeling quite bling-bling, hip-hop and all back in the day. Word.

Oh, the posts I could write on the unusual things that go along with having your teeth semi-permanently laced together with razor-sharp metal bars and titanium twine. Not titanium? Whatever. Nevertheless, when the maxillofacial oral surgeon says you are going to be “wired shut,” your teeth will be on LOCK DOWN. Trust me!

So I’ll pass for now on the story of when they unleashed me for the first time to have a looksie at the state of my still fractured chomper. I was positive at that moment, positive, that my jaw was going to fall off my face. Luckily, I caught it and held it gingerly in place before it plopped down onto the floor. Whew.

I also will not tell you about diligently trying to insert a pipe cleaner in spaces between my teeth (I have none) so I could do a pseudo brushing. Not at all embarrassed to say how many hours were spent on this fruitless task.

Never did I wish for a “trap-door tooth” in all that time. Had I one, however, I could sneak in a toothbrush and use it on the INSIDE of my mouth. I could also pass through some real food that would not and could not be sucked through my teeth. Lived on liquids and air. Even airflow seemed to stop and bounce off my shiny grillz. A little air here please. But again I say, never did I wish for wish for a “trap-door tooth,” people. Never. That’s just silly.

Also will be bypassing this gem – being hit on and the guy questioning me, “Why would you do that to yourself? You are already so thin?” Yes, schmoozy & brilliant man, this was an ELECTIVE surgery?!?

TODAY marks the third anniversary of the day that I was freed from the wires that binded me for nearly 11 weeks. Free at last! Free at last!  

Breaking my jaw reminded me of and confirmed a few things that I truly believe and these items I AM going to share with you here: 

1)         A kind or supportive word makes a difference. There is always a ripple effect. Pay it forward.

2)         Don’t underestimate the magnitude of a small thoughtful gift. A lone milkshake, a box of plastic spoons, a bag of straws, or some fancy-dancy toothpick flossers can mean the world to someone!

3)         It really is the small things in life! It’s amazing how an unrestrained yawn, an unbounded sneeze, freshly brushed teeth, or simply licking your lips can bring you joy! Don’t take the little things for granted.

4)         Laughter is good for the soul… a merry heart is a happy heart! Laugh even through clenched teeth if you must. It truly is the best medicine.

5)         Having not much choice but to smile, as it was somewhat of a permanent fixture on my face, smiling can change your mood and is contagious. Smile often & smile big! It might not be quite as large and shiny as mine used to be… but it will make someone’s day… and probably yours, as well.

I was thankful for all the large and small gestures I received. Overwhelmed really.

I’m reliving that gratitude today and am wishing all of you days filled with kind words, small wonders, countless laughs, and happy smiling faces!  

I also wish you days free from clumsy mishaps. One can really hurt themselves.
Be careful out there!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Strawberry Fields For NEVER

Don’t have a Valentine this year? Sad about it? I’m here to change all of that nonsense for you.

Sherrie Sherrie at your service. You are welcome.

I posted a blog a while back, Yellow Flag on the Turf and on my “Date,” and many were entertained at my expense. I’m going to repeat that process as a little Valentine’s Day present. My gift to all of you. Muah.

1)      You can not say you didn’t receive anything this year.
2)      You will be thankful and grateful you aren’t with someone like this.
3)      You will laugh and smile and be merry! This is my wish for you!

So this here will be the highlight reel of a texting voyage of epic proportions I shared with a guy suggested to me by a mutual friend. I have coined this man Dr. Field Good.

This mobile rendezvous with the good “Doctor” lasted a whopping 2 ½ days. A short time, yes. Nevertheless, it journeyed me down roads of wackadoodle that I wish to never have to travel down again. **Shudder** NEVER. EVER.

I certainly don’t want to ruin a great story for lack of embellishment, but won’t inundate you with each of the nearly 200 messages that transpired. Please note, that less than 30% of these texts were my own. When you factor in that some of his texts were so lengthy they would count as 6 or 7 by normal standards, it’s clear the Doctor doesn’t realize that texting is supposed to be more of a volley. Lob one up, get a reply, lather, rinse, repeat, etc.  

Day one of this ride was “relatively” normal in terms of people initially chatting. Relatively, here, really does need the “air quotes.” Please use them accordingly. 

The first 12 hours included numerous quirky pictures: (1) him on a horse, (2) the “easy button,” (3) his knee, (4) his professional headshot, (5) him riding in a cardboard car, (6) a kitten (and not his own, just a cutesy girlie internet one), (7) the plastic divider thingy from a grocery store check out line, and (8) the threshold of his front door. Your typical run-of-the-mill let's get to know one another images to share? Amiright?!? {{Scratching head}}

Day 2 started early. 8:00 a.m.

Sweet, but after less than 24 hours, it’s a little too early to be getting the good morning Babe texts.

Slammed at work; I respond to the initial text, however, not to the stream of ones that followed for nearly 3 hours. Dr. Field Good wasn’t feeling too good about the lag in my response and questioned whether he had “done something wrong?”

This is code for “Are you Fing kidding me here with this?!?!” A day and half and there is an expectation on text turnaround time.

A bit later, my infrequency of communication is again in question.

The trip is already over for me at this point. The rental car is turned in. The suitcase is unpacked. I'm just searching for the energy to respond.

Day 3 starts off even earlier, 7:30 a.m.

Ah, yes. This “game” is called common sense to most. I know it well and play it often. 

But wait, there’s more. Field Good wants to play even more "games." This time a "silly" one. What fun?!

Ummmmm…. What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Is this fence you speak of the way out of this imaginary hell? If so I’m running for it full steam ahead. Get outta my way Buddie!

Not only do I NOT want to play this fruit fantasy, in one fell swoop the doctor may have ruined strawberries for me for life. No lie. For life. A strawberry might never touch these lips again.

Annnndddd… I’m OUT!

The barrage of texts that follow over the course of the next several hours, well, there really are no words.

Really?! Pulling out the “brought together” card after only texting for a flash in the dating pan?

 Ya think perhaps? Hhhhmmm? Yeah, maybe, just a teeny tiny little bit on the dramatic side.

It's a major award! Times three. Congratulations going out to the doctor. (A picture of one of his inventions was included for good measure)

Well, I’m kinda leaning towards “not,” but do you “promise?” Do you pinky swear promise? If not, it doesn’t count. 

Somewhere this has switched over from a courting attempt to an audition for a variety hour. At best his humor never surpassed corny. Corn Dog Award. Now his fourth major award.

Endless more unanswered texts and an invite for "one meeting in a coffee shop" later:

Annnndddd… I’m OUT! For the second time.

Give it up to the Doc for persistence and his ability to perform a full emotional analysis on me all whilst not missing a beat on the fast fingered texting:

Oh nooooo heeee di-int.  **Finger snap snap snap in “Z” formation**

So not even close.

These 25 people? Were they tied up at the time? 

Love. This. Chick. High-five sane woman, whoever and wherever you are. Us girls gotta stick together. 

Dr. Feel Good and 2 other doctors walk into a bar...

Text onslaught continues. I received at least 12 phone screen sized "pages" going over the details, ad nauseam, of previous messages, schooling me on what he believes to be proper texting etiquette in these kinds of situations, and much mention of actions, thoughts, opinions "as a man." 

Annnndddd… I’m OUT! Third and FINAL out. 

Oh right. Now he's out??! 'Bout time. And awww man, I'm both deleted and blocked. Sad face. 

I will adamantly reject the fact that I am angry or have any barriers. Nonetheless, if it keeps me away from people that are loco in noco like this? Then bring them ON.  Barriers are my friend. Barriers = BFF. 

So single gals & guys out there, think of Dr. Field Good here and be happy with your singledom. Embrace your life, your barriers, your worth. Don’t compromise what you want, need, like… the gamut. You deserve it all. And you owe no one an apology for that.

Let’s all make a simple toast. 

Raise your glasses friends… raise them high and repeat after me...

“Strawberry Fields For NEVER!”


Feels good.

“Strawberry Fields For NEVER!”


Happy Valentine’s Day Loves! Never settle for an imaginary field of strawberries when you deserve so much more than that. It's the real deal or nothing. Don't ever forget that. xxxooo

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cupid's Undie Run

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

Cards, letters, flowers, candy or gifts to your significant other? Wining and dining with a romantic dinner? Ooh là là.

Sherrie Sherrie? I will be running in Cleveland’s Cupid’s Undie Run.

That’s right, a mile run in the freezing Antarctica (aka Cleveland streets) in my skivvies, or some variation thereof, to raise funds and awareness for the Children's Tumor Foundation ( I can trudge through a little snow and some frigid air nearly nekked to help those going through immense suffering on a daily basis.

The Children's Tumor Foundation funds clinical trials to find treatments and a cure for neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow throughout the nervous system at a rampant pace and causing deafness, blindness, paralysis, learning disabilities, cancer and debilitating pain.

My friend, coworker and our FEARLESS team leader, Mike Silvestro, knows first hand of how truly dreadful this disease can be as he’s suffered from it since he was a teen. 

Can you help out team “BEAT NF?”

My personal fundraising goal is $500. Dan Gilbert, whose son Nick suffers from NF, is personally matching all funds raised for those Cleveland runners who reach at least $500. 

Whether the gift is $5 or $500, all donations are tax-deductible and will have great impact on those in need!

I greatly appreciate any and all assistance in this fundraising endeavor, and more importantly it would mean the world to the 2 million worldwide who battle NF on a daily basis!

If you can help, please click here.


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