Thursday, October 31, 2013

To Wear, or not to Wear: That is the Question

Halloween is upon us… hayrides, haunted houses, candy, pumpkin essence overload (not that I am complaining, you can ladle that gourdy goodness on anything and everything for me)... 
... and, of course, costumes.

Oh so many kinds of costumes.

Even “sexy” costumes. **GASP** Aka “naughty,” “slutty,” or “whorish.”

Hey now?!

You can hardly throw a broomstick in a costume shop without hitting an outfit branded with “sexy.” Simple supply and demand. So why does this topic get cauldrons boiling over?

Many eagerly board the black and orange Fashion Police paddy wagon, sirens blaring, “booooooo booooooo,” trolling for those they believe are crossing lines of decency this time of year. 

:: 311 in progress. Indecent exposure. Pirate’s booty… 
NOT a hidden treasure any longer. ::

:: We are in direct pursuit of a 288. 
Conduct not becoming of a naval officer. ::

:: Disturbance in the 3100 block of 13th Street...
of the Hocus Poke-us variety. ::

Make no mistake here, I am talking about ADULT costumes. 

I do not, 
would not, 
could not, 
condone any unsuitable costumes for children or young teens. 

Nor do I think exceedingly inappropriate costumes are amusing. If you are going for “shock factor” or need to accessorize your ensemble with a "Too Soon??!?" badge, it is probably just offensive or vulgar. 

Don’t be a “shit-head.” Yeah, that is a real a costume?! Oy.

I work in Finance and wear business attire at least 70% of the 356 days in a year. The remaining 30%, my wardrobe is supposed to abide by a long list of “age-appropriate” rules. Pfft. Yawn. May I have one day a year, one day, All Hallows Eve, when I can break out of it all; the corporate mold, the fashion laws and bylaws and slip into something that just might involve skin tight clothing, thigh highs or being scantily-clad? Pretty pretty pretty please with a push-up bra on top.

I’m certainly not asking, needing or wanting anyone’s approval.

Come autumn, many woman drink the orange kool-aid and use Halloween as an excuse opportunity to embrace all that is good about being "bad," and to that I say, “hooray for you.” Rock that “sexy” fill-in the blank. And for those who like to dress-up but enjoy a more conservative look, I shout “hell ya" for you, too. 

There are all kinds of pumpkins in the patches, even ones that never want to become jack-o-lanterns. Do we need to judge, label or dispatch the Fashion Po-Po out on those that might have an outlook unlike our own?

This time of the year always reminds me that it’s so much fun to have fun. Simple but true.

Life is short.

Smile more.

Laugh more.


Feel young again and have a blast!

After all, isn’t that what Halloween is all about?


  1. Agreed. Unfortunately there are some that do not have the body or shape for those type of codtumes. Yours excluded. Cant wait til next year!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love it! I'm all for freedom of expression, especially at Halloween :) For those who want to risk the shame of making the wrong choice with regard to their costume (the girl who went as the Boston Marathon victim) it's on them

    1. Not sure what that girl was thinking?? She gets the shit-head award!!



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